What exactly qualifies as organized? I mean, really? Is it having your closet color-coded and labeled? Or it is that the clothes are actually in the closet and not on the floor?

Maybe for you, being organized is somewhere in between… And while it’s one thing to have objects and space organized, what comes to mind when you think about organizing time, energy and other resources?

According to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) there are two main categories of organizing specialties known as professional organizers and productivity consultants. Professional organizers support evaluation, decision-making and action around objects, space and data. They help achieve desired outcomes regarding function, order and clarity. Productivity consultants, on the other hand, support evaluation, decision-making and action around time, energy and resources. They help achieve desired outcomes regarding goals, effectiveness and priorities. Read that again… wow! Who couldn’t benefit from some coaching and consulting to increase function, order, clarity, goals, priorities and effectiveness? Yes, please!

So, what does it mean to be organized? It looks different for each person. In the most simple sense, it’s having your time and objects aligned to your goals and priorities. With this alignment you can move efficiently toward what makes you feel alive. And because we each have different goals and priorities, “organized” looks looks different in our eyes.

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