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February 7, 2020

Staging may be one of my favorite services to offer. Recently, a couple found me on Next Door and they were stressed out because their house had been through 17 showing with no offers or feedback. I went in and did a full session consult where we walked through every single space in the home. […]

Life Transitions

Life Transitions

January 20, 2020

I often think about my clients and what they have in common, what sets them apart… and I have found that many are in need of organizing services because of a life transition…



November 3, 2019

What exactly qualifies as organized? I mean, really? Is it having your closet color-coded and labeled? Or it is that the clothes are actually in the closet and not on the floor?


OBK is Top Rated on Home Advisor

As a clueless bachelor, after my divorce, I had no idea what to keep, what to donate or even how to organize the jumbled contents of 90+ moving boxes. Keli came in, took over and made my life incredibly simple! And she is the kindest person you will ever meet.

Ross S. Parker, CO

Keli set up my home according to my needs and personality. She is a jewel!

Aaron L. Denver, CO

Bought this as a gift for my wife! She loves the result. I will definitely call again!

Andre B. Denver, CO