Life Transitions

I often think about my clients and what they have in common, what sets them apart… and I have found that many are in need of organizing services because of a life transition…

Sometimes it is a predictable transition such as a marriage, new baby, or retirement. Sometimes, however, there are less predictable transitions that involve loss such as a divorce, move or death of a loved one. These transitions, in this busy world, often cause temporary disorder. That disorder coupled with the emotional toil of the transition and lack of time in our busy culture may lead to a more long-term disorder which is a recipe for anxiety and depression. I have noticed this pattern in many of my professional organizing clients. Some are currently transitioning into their new normal and call for help setting up their new life. Others attempt it on their own but for one reason or another find that they need help to make it happen. That’s where I come in.

The most exciting thing about my work is to see the transformation in the client’s energy as their mess finds order. The boxes are unpacked and the coffee pot is set up. Or maybe their loved ones belongings are boxed up and the space is recreated into an art studio for the new beginning. Maybe its a simple transition like a new school year and the systems are in place and everybody knows what to do. I just love helping people through these transitions, big and small.

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