Craft Room Zones

As a pro organizer and craft supply “collector,” I have some tips for anyone organizing creative spaces as they rekindle old flames with hobbies or start new ones.

Be sure that your space and purchases align to the way YOU craft- what does it look like when you are in your zone? At the end of the day isn’t this the goal for your space?

I have seen some beautiful spaces that weren’t as functional for the crafter as they had envisioned…so I recommend starting with the big questions.

What crafts are you into RIGHT now? What crafts do you currently enjoy? What project(s) are you itching to complete? (We won’t talk about the others right now.)

For example, I do several things like art journaling, Cricut, scrapbooking, stamping, Copics… and whatever else comes along. Knowing what I’m into right now helps define the zones of use.

What is your crafting style? For example- I’m a sporadic crafter. I go through phases of high octane crafting followed by a dormant craft space. When I get in mode… watch out. It looks like a tornado hit! Then, when the process is over I like to have everything back in its “home” so that when new inspiration comes my way I can hit the ground running again…

What about crafting brings you joy? For me, it’s that creative high when I’m in “mad scientist” mode. And the sense of accomplishment when I finish a project- followed by the connection I feel when giving it away.

My craft area needs to support this joy. A lack of counter space or inability to find the little embellishment I am looking for just frustrates me and then… it piles up. Nobody wants that!

Hopefully taking a few minutes to answer these questions will help you plan your creative space so that it brings you all the joy- and right now we need to create all the joy we can for ourselves and for others.

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