For most, school is back in swing in one way or another. And parents everywhere are asking how to manage “all the things.”

Here are some thoughts from my lens as a parent, former educator and organization/productivity coach.

It all starts with expectations. What is a realistic expectation for right now? What would be “enough” from this school year?

When the expectations in our minds aren’t aligned with our current reality it can be so frustrating and overwhelming. Trust me- I know this from experience.

We are all familiar with what “normal” looks like. And we know what we expect in normal times of ourselves, our children, our teachers and schools. But this year is NOT normal. The stress is real.

Start with your expectations. What could be adjusted? Knowing what would be “enough” this year, week, day or moment can make all the difference.

You are not alone. Some days will be more productive than others. Some things may not get done. It will, however, be ok. Grace and more grace. Step back for a moment and ask, “What will make today “enough?”

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