Move In and Move out with Life

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Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

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December 14, 20226 min read

Tis the season to ‘shop til you drop’ and find the trendiest gifts for everyone on your list. As a mom, wife, and daughter, I’ve gone through years of having to purchase gifts for others. There are always those people every year where you aren’t sure what to get them, so you get them something seasonal simply to cross them off your list. I bet the same probably happens back to you (how many times have you received new socks, a blanket, a coffee mug, etc.)

All of this ‘stuff’ accumulates, and every January, households have to find new homes for new things, especially for the piles upon piles of toys you will probably cart home if you have littles. What if we stopped thinking of 'quantity over quality and moved towards a ‘less stuff, more sentiment’ way of thinking? Gifts can be meaningful and clutter-free all at once.

What is a ‘Clutter-Free’ Gift?

I’m not saying to not buy that ONE LEGO set your kid had their sights set on, but to keep it minimal in the stuff category and offer them more experience options. A clutter-free gift does not require space in your home but is a huge money-saver, time-saver, and memory-maker. In the world of professional organizing, we call those the best gifts and typically the gifts that keep on giving.

I have broken clutter-free gifting can into five categories:

  • Experiences

  • Classes 

  • Memberships

  • Consumables

  • Time


Gifts that offer experiences are great for anyone on your list, especially your kids or grandkids. Although toys may seem more fun in the moment, taking your child to their favorite musical/play or gifting them a day out with mini golf and an escape room could be a day they never forget. 

Not sure what to get dad this year? Golf passes, sporting event tickets, or concert tickets could be a day out for both of you to enjoy. 

The years are long, but the days are short, and parents and grandparents love gifts that allow them to spend more time with the ones they love. Other ways of gifting experiences could be:

  • Restaurant gift card

  • Movie passes

  • Indoor rock climbing

  • Hot air Balloon Ride

  • City tour

  • Brewery/Distillery/Wine tasting


Encourage people on your list to try something new. Classes are a great gift for all ages and offer experiences that may spark a love for a hobby they never knew they had. Also, classes make the perfect group gift–think mom and dad, a couple's first Christmas, or a girl's night out. 

Classes can range from private lessons to group sessions and community classes available at local colleges. If you are local to Denver, these classes are unique and support local businesses while giving you the perfect memory-making experience. 

Some classes to consider for your gifting include

  • Cooking

  • Dancing

  • Painting/Art/Crafts

  • Home brewing

  • Scuba diving

  • Mountain climbing

  • Skiing/snowboarding

  • Candlemaking


Do you know a family member who buys local zoo or museum memberships yearly? Gift them their membership this year and let them save money. Or, gift them an entirely new membership to encourage experiences and opportunities to enjoy a different place for the upcoming year. 

Memberships give families the perfect chance to spend more time together doing something they love. Some of the most popular membership ideas (aside from zoos and museums) include

  • Theme parks

  • State parks

  • National parks

  • Community/Rec center

  • Local swimming pool


I know the holidays are full of sweets and treats and altogether too much food. Eating all the things probably starts around Thanksgiving and doesn’t taper off until the New Year. However, if you are gifting to someone who loves a specific drink or food, it is an opportune time to shower them with their favorites.

If you are going for a more traditional consumable, chocolates, wine, and meat/cheese combinations are a win for many. If that feels too impersonal, try thinking out of the box on your consumables. 

  • Gift a basket of local foods/shops that your family member can check out

  • Find a coffee subscription box or variety pack to gift

  • Gift cards to favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or even grocery stores are all well-received


One of my favorite gifts to give is the gift of time. We live in a busy, fast-paced world. Typically, people have no time to do enjoyable things because they are stuck doing everyday chores and errands.

What if you could unburden them, if only for a moment? The gift of time is precious and is not easily forgotten. Also, it gives them a chance to try a service they may not have tried before. 

Another thing about gifting time is that your gift says, “I value your time and want to give some back to you.” No gift gives the way time gives. It is my favorite way to show the ones I care about that I appreciate and love them. 

Some ways to gift time to your loved ones

  • House cleaner

  • Professional organizer

  • Spa day

  • Manicure/Pedicure

  • Yard service

  • Car wash subscription

  • Date night out (preplanned and paid)

Did professional organizing services catch your eye? 

Do you notice your friends and family complaining about the stuff they must put away after the holidays? Do they talk about how stressful it is to get organized and sort through the toys, clothes, and miscellaneous things? 

After the holidays, friends and family in Denver, CO, will need us the most. Holiday splurges always result in piles of stuff in the home and the need for reorganization. At Organized by Keli & Co, we help people respectfully sort through and purge their belongings to help them quiet the clutter and create functional spaces. 


At OBK & Co, we want to help alleviate your post-holiday mess and stress. Ask about our home organizing services or concierge services. Organization is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and there are many benefits of living in an organized home that many people are missing in their lives. If you want to gift services to a friend, family member, or yourself, reach out today.

Gift with the intention of adding to their life, not their storage space

The holidays come with too many material things, which add to our already cluttered spaces. This year, add experiences to their lives. Make their life easier, if only for a few months. Give them something that allows them to indulge in a fun activity or enjoy a stress-free night out. 

Chances are, your sister-in-law has a dozen other sweaters, and your brother doesn’t need a new wallet (again). Flip the holiday over-buying script and give your cherished family and friends the clutter-free holiday they deserve.

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Keli Jakel

Having walked through many challenging transitions herself, Keli knows well the value of being able to find order in a season that feels chaotic. With a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Keli spent her early years working in the field of education. It was her passion for serving others and her ability to see patterns where others can’t that inspired her to launch Organized by Keli & Co. Since then, she’s dedicated her career to helping people reach their potential in spaces they love.

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