Move In and Move out with Life

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Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

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January 01, 202412 min read

Who doesn’t look forward to a fresh start in the new year? A chance to reset, to clear away the clutter of the past year and make space for new possibilities. But how do you actually put that into practice? The answer lies in home organization. A well-organized home not only looks great, but it also reduces stress, increases productivity, and even saves money. Ready to “start your new year off right, get organized”? Then you’re in the right place! Let’s go on a journey to transform your home and set the stage for a fantastic year ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • Harness the New Year momentum and set achievable organization goals for a clutter-free home.

  • Celebrate progress, create your decluttering game plan & identify hotspots to stay motivated.

  • Implement daily cleaning habits, utilize free resources & maximize storage solutions for an organized space!

Harness the New Year Momentum: Setting Achievable Organization Goals

Start your new year off right get organized by setting achievable organization goals

A new year presents the ideal opportunity to establish ambitious goals, such as new year’s resolutions. But we all know that achieving those goals, especially when it comes to organization, can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. So how do you make it manageable? The key lies in setting achievable organization goals and breaking them down into baby steps.

As a firm believer in the power of organization, I’ve made it a priority in my annual objectives and included it in my year’s resolutions. The result? A more organized home, less stress, and more time to enjoy the things I love.

Define Your Desired Outcome

So, what does an organized home look like to you? Before embarking on your organization journey, ensure you have a clearly defined desired outcome. Are you aiming for:

  • a minimalist aesthetic

  • reducing clutter

  • creating efficient systems that keep your home tidy

  • maximizing your storage space

Whatever your goals, having a clear vision can provide direction, keep you focused, and motivate you to achieve your desired outcome.

Break It Down

Having defined your desired outcome, you can now commence breaking down the tasks. As the saying goes, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Start with one manageable task, like organizing a drawer or a shelf.

Breaking down your tasks into bite-sized pieces can make the process less overwhelming and more achievable. Plus, it’s a great way to create a sense of accomplishment and keep the momentum going.

Celebrate Small Victories

Remember to celebrate your small victories as you progress on your organization journey. Did you finally declutter that junk drawer? Give yourself a pat on the back! Cleared out the garage? That’s a win! Recognizing and celebrating your progress, no matter how small, can help you maintain motivation and momentum.

Plus, it’s a great way to reinforce your positive habits and keep you on track to achieving your organization goals.

Create Your Decluttering Game Plan

Create Your Decluttering Game Plan for a fresh start in the new year

Now that you have your goals in place and a list of manageable tasks, you can formulate your decluttering game plan. Think of it as a roadmap to your organized home. Just like any journey, you’ll need to know where you’re starting from, the direction you’re heading, and the steps you’ll take to get there. Your game plan will guide you through the process and help you stay focused, organized, and motivated.

Identify Clutter Hotspots

Every home has its clutter hotspots - those areas where items seem to magically accumulate, creating all the clutter. It could be the kitchen counter, the coffee table, or that infamous junk drawer. Identifying these areas is the first step in your decluttering journey.

Once you’ve pinpointed these clutter hotspots, you can prioritize them in your decluttering plan using some effective decluttering tips.

Set a Decluttering Schedule

After identifying your clutter hotspots, you can proceed to establish a decluttering schedule. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your organized home. Be realistic about how much time you can devote to decluttering each day or week. Perhaps you can spare 15 minutes a day, or maybe you prefer to dedicate a couple of hours over the weekend. Whatever works for you, having a set schedule can help you stay on track and make the task seem less daunting.

Dispose Responsibly

So, you’ve decluttered your space, and now you have a pile of items you no longer need or want. What do you do with them? The key here is to dispose of them responsibly. Consider:

  • Donating items that are in good condition to charity

  • Recycling items that can be recycled

  • Selling items that still have value

  • Repurposing items for other uses

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your unwanted items, including grocery bags, are put to good use and don’t end up in a landfill.

For items that are broken or worn out, check if they can be recycled. If not, dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner. Remember, every item that you remove from your home is one step closer to a clutter-free space.

Maximize Your Storage Solutions

Maximize Your Storage Solutions to stay organized and declutter

Now that the clutter is out of the way, you can focus on maximizing your storage solutions. No matter the size of your home, effective storage can help you maintain a tidy and organized space. And the best part? There are countless ways to maximize storage, from utilizing shelving and optimizing closet space to repurposing household items in various storage areas.

Elevate with Shelving

Shelves can be a game-changer when it comes to storage. They can be used to store books, display photos, or even house your collection of knick-knacks. By maximizing your vertical space, you can create more storage while keeping your floor space free.

Plus, having items on display can add personality and charm to your home.

Optimize Closet Capacity

Closets are often the unsung heroes of home organization. They hide away our clothes, shoes, and sometimes even our clutter. But with a little bit of organization, your closet can become an efficient storage solution. Consider using:

  • Space-saving hangers

  • Storage bins

  • Shoe racks

  • Drawer dividers

  • Hanging organizers

These organization tools can help maximize your closet’s capacity.

Repurpose Household Items

Finally, don’t overlook the potential of repurposing household items for storage. An old ladder can become a unique shelf, and a shoebox can be transformed into a drawer organizer. With a little bit of creativity, you can find new uses for items you already have, saving money and reducing waste in the process.

Establishing a Command Center

note, stickies, memo

Imagine having a central hub in your home where schedules, paperwork, and other important information are neatly organized and easily accessible. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, this is where a command center with a central location comes into play.

A command center is a dedicated space in your home where you manage and organize your family’s daily life.

Location & Setup

When setting up your command center, consider a location that is easily accessible and visible to all family members. This could be in the kitchen, the living room, or even a hallway. Once you’ve chosen your location, think about what you need to manage your family’s schedules and tasks. This could include:

  • a calendar

  • a bulletin board for notices

  • a to-do list

  • a place to keep mail, bills, and other paperwork.

Daily Management Tips

Maintaining your command center is just as important as setting it up. Make it a habit to check your command center daily. Update the calendar, check off completed tasks, and sort through any new paperwork.

By spending a few minutes each day maintaining your command center, you can keep your home running smoothly and prevent tasks from piling up.

Incorporating Technology

Incorporating technology can streamline your command center and make task management even easier. Consider using digital calendars and reminder apps to keep track of appointments and tasks. Not only can these tools send you reminders, but they can also be accessed from anywhere, ensuring you always have your schedule at your fingertips.

Conquer the Junk Drawer and Beyond

Conquer the Junk Drawer and Beyond with organization dividers and containers

Junk drawers, we all have them. They start as a convenient spot to toss random items, but over time, they can become a black hole of clutter. But fear not, conquering the junk drawer (and other cluttered spaces like trash cans) is possible.

With a little bit of sorting, some handy dividers and containers, and a commitment to maintaining order, you can transform your junk drawer into a well-organized space.

Sort and Categorize

The first step to conquering the junk drawer is to sort and categorize the items. Empty out the drawer and group like items together. This will help you see what you have and identify any items that can be thrown away or stored elsewhere.

Remember, the goal is to only keep items that belong in the drawer.

Use Dividers and Containers

After you’ve sorted and categorized your items, you can begin placing them back in the drawer. But instead of just tossing them in, use dividers or small containers to keep them organized. This will make it easier to find what you need and prevent the drawer from becoming cluttered again.

Maintain Order

The final step in conquering the junk drawer is to maintain order. Make it a habit to regularly tidy up the drawer and ensure that only the right items are kept in there.

Remember, start organizing is not a one-time task, but a continuous process.

Smart Strategies for Keeping Your Space Tidy

A tidy space is an integral part of maintaining an organized home. After all, even the best organization systems can fall apart if clutter is allowed to accumulate. From daily cleaning habits to efficient storage of cleaning supplies and implementing a ‘no-floor’ rule, here are some smart strategies to keep your space tidy.

Daily Cleaning Habits

Establishing daily cleaning habits can go a long way in keeping your space tidy. This could be as simple as tidying up after each meal, putting things away after use, or doing a quick sweep of the house before bedtime.

By keeping on top of these small tasks, you can prevent clutter from building up.

Efficient Storage of Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your cleaning supplies organized and easily accessible can make cleaning more efficient. Consider storing your cleaning supplies in a caddy or a dedicated cupboard. This not only keeps your supplies in one place but also makes it easier to carry them around the house as you clean.

Implement a 'No-Floor' Rule

One of the best strategies to keep your space tidy is to implement a ‘no-floor’ rule. This means that apart from furniture, nothing should be left on the floor. Not only does this keep your floor space clear, but it also encourages you to put things away after use.

Refresh Your Home for the Coming Year: Room-by-Room Organizing Ideas

Equipped with these home organization tips and strategies, you are now prepared to give your home a fresh start for the upcoming year. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the living area, each room in your home offers unique opportunities for organization and decluttering.

Kitchen Organization Makeover

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, but it’s also a place where clutter can easily accumulate. From overflowing kitchen cabinets to disorganized pantries, a kitchen makeover can make a big difference in the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Bedroom Bliss

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind. But a cluttered bedroom can cause stress and make it hard to relax.

By optimizing storage and creating a serene atmosphere, you can transform your bedroom into a blissful retreat.

Living Area Layouts

Your living area is where you entertain guests, relax with your family, and enjoy your leisure time. Arranging your living area with functional layouts and organized storage solutions can make the space more comfortable and inviting.

Utilize Free Printables and Resources

Lastly, remember to make use of free printables and resources to augment your organization efforts. From planner pages for every purpose to decorative labels for easy identification, these free resources can help you stay organized without breaking the bank.

Planner Pages for Every Purpose

Free printable planner pages can be a great tool to manage your schedules, tasks, and goals. Whether you’re planning your week, setting goals for the year, or just trying to keep track of your daily to-do list, there’s a planner page for that.

Decorative Labels for Easy Identification

Decorative labels are not just pretty to look at, they’re also practical. Use them to label storage bins, pantry items, or even files in your home office. Not only do they make it easier to find what you need, but they also add a personal touch to your organization system.

In summary, an organized home is not just about tidiness, it’s about creating a space that works for you. From setting achievable organization goals, creating a decluttering game plan, and maximizing storage solutions, to establishing a command center and conquering the junk drawer and beyond, there are countless ways to create and maintain an organized home. So, as we kick off the new year, let’s embrace the fresh start and commit to a clutter-free chapter. Here’s to a more organized, stress-free, and enjoyable year ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start organized New Year?

Start your new year off right by getting organized with a planner, decluttering your home, and creating effective morning and evening routines. Incorporate small changes such as reorganizing your closet, downsizing your cleaning supplies, and tidying your nightstand to stay on track with your goals.

How can I get started with home organization?

Take it step-by-step and set achievable goals for yourself! Break your tasks down into manageable pieces and celebrate each victory you make – this will help keep your motivation high.

How can I declutter my home?

Take control of the mess and get organized with a decluttering game plan. Identify and tackle clutter hotspots, set a schedule, and responsibly dispose of any unwanted items. Be motivated to reclaim your living space!

How can I maximize storage in my home?

Maximize your storage space by using shelves, making the most of closets, repurposing household items, and incorporating dividers and containers. Get creative and get organized!

What is a command center and how can it help me stay organized?

A command center is your dedicated space to stay organized and on top of your family's daily life - helping you stay organized and in control.

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Having walked through many challenging transitions herself, Keli knows well the value of being able to find order in a season that feels chaotic. With a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Keli spent her early years working in the field of education. It was her passion for serving others and her ability to see patterns where others can’t that inspired her to launch Organized by Keli & Co. Since then, she’s dedicated her career to helping people reach their potential in spaces they love.

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