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Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

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Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

Move In and Move out with Life

Matter Most

Our professional organizers can manage and transition so you can focus on what matter most

Save Energy

Save Time

Save your Sanity

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December 19, 20239 min read

Ever feel like your kids’ playroom is a never-ending maze of toys, art supplies, and games, with every step threatening a Lego-induced injury? Fear not! Turning this chaotic space into an organized haven for creative play is not as daunting as it might seem. In fact, learning how to organize your playroom effectively can make all the difference in maintaining a clutter-free and enjoyable space for your children.

  • Declutter and prioritize toys to maximize fun space in your playroom.

  • Get kids involved in the decluttering process and create designated zones for different activities.

  • Utilize multi-functional furniture, label items, establish a cleaning routine & customize storage solutions for unique toys!

Declutter and Prioritize Toys

Decluttered playroom with organized toy storage

Creating an organized playroom begins with decluttering and prioritizing toys. Too many toys can overwhelm kids and disrupt their creative play. By keeping only the most loved and frequently used toys, your playroom will become a more manageable and enjoyable space. Plus, with fewer toys to clean up, your kids might even start pitching in on tidying duties!

Decluttering Process

Decluttering need not be an arduous task. Start by removing broken or unused toys. Then, consider donating toys that are no longer played with to those in need. Not only will this clear up space, but it also teaches kids about the importance of giving.

For the remaining toys, consider a toy rotation strategy. Box up half of the toys and swap them out every few months. This keeps the toys fresh and exciting for the kids, and you’ll have fewer toys to step on in the meantime. Win-win!

Prioritizing Toys

After decluttering, prioritizing is the next step. Not all toys are created equal. Some toys foster a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills more than others, while some may even disrupt children’s creative play. Focus on toys that encourage creative play, like cars, art supplies, and blocks.

Make these store toys easily accessible by placing them at your child’s eye level. This small change can make a big difference in how your child interacts with their toys.

Involving Kids

Involve your kids in the decluttering and organizing process. After all, it’s their playroom! Giving them a say in how their space is organized can help them feel more responsible and take ownership of their play space. Plus, they’ll know exactly where their favorite toys are. No more frantic searching for that one tiny action figure in the midst of clean-up time!

Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Maximizing vertical storage space with wall shelves

Having decluttered and prioritized, it’s time to utilize the wall space. Maximizing vertical storage space is a game-changer for playroom organization. It keeps toys and supplies off the floor, while making them easily visible and accessible. By using vertical space effectively, you can create a more organized and functional playroom.

Options like wall shelves, pegboards, and hanging organizers can maintain your playroom’s organization and functionality, providing excellent playroom storage ideas.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves offer versatile storage options. They can hold a variety of items, including books, toys, and display items. Plus, they can be installed at a height that’s perfect for your child, making their favorite toys easily accessible. And, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can even create custom-built shelves that perfectly fit your child’s playroom!


Pegboards are not limited to garage or workshop use. They can be a great addition to your child’s playroom too! They provide customizable storage for art supplies, small toys, and other items. Plus, they can be a great way to display your child’s artwork or crafts.

Now that’s a win-win for organization and display!

Hanging Organizers

The back of the door or the side of the bookcase should not be overlooked. Hanging organizers can be a great way to store stuffed animals, small toys, and accessories. They can keep these items organized and off the floor, while also making them visible and easily accessible for your child.

Create Play Zones for Different Activities

Cozy reading nook with accessible bookshelves

It’s time to consider zones! Creating play zones for different activities can help streamline your organization. It also encourages focused and organized play. Areas for reading, arts and crafts, and building blocks are just a few ideas.

This way, your child knows exactly where to go for each of their favorite activities.

Reading Nook

A reading nook, being cozy and inviting, fosters your child’s exploration and joy of reading. Equip it with:

  • a comfy seat

  • proper lighting

  • easy-to-reach book storage

  • a selection of your child’s favorite books

This quiet corner could become the most popular spot in the craft room or playroom!

Art Area

Art, which allows kids to express themselves, can be inspired by a dedicated art area. Equip the area with a variety of art supplies and a dedicated workspace. You might even consider adding an art display area for your little Picasso’s masterpieces!

Building Block Zone

Finally, a building block zone is worth considering. This area can encourage imaginative play and keep those pesky blocks from taking over the entire playroom. Plus, having a dedicated building surface and storage for blocks can make clean up a breeze.

Utilize Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture for playroom organization

Space and functionality in your playroom can be maximized with multi-functional furniture. Think storage seating, convertible desks, and foldable or stackable furniture. These pieces can serve multiple purposes, making them a smart choice for any playroom.

Storage Seating

Benches with built-in storage containers or ottomans, known as storage seating, offer both extra storage and a comfy place to sit. This way, you can keep toys, books, and other items neatly stored away, yet easily accessible when playtime comes.

Plus, the seating provides a perfect spot for storytime or a rest during busy play.

Convertible Desks

In your child’s playroom, convertible desks can fulfill various functions. They can function as a workspace for homework, an art table, or even a Murphy bed! This makes them a versatile piece of furniture that can adapt to your child’s needs.

Foldable or Stackable Furniture

Playrooms are ideally suited for foldable or stackable furniture. These pieces can be easily stored when not in use, freeing up valuable play space. Plus, they’re perfect for those times when you have extra guests or need more floor space for play.

Label Everything for Easy Organization

Labeled storage containers for easy organization

Now, it’s time to discuss labels! Labeling everything in your playroom can make organization a breeze. With clear labels, your kids will know exactly where each toy goes, making clean-up easier and faster. Plus, it can help them develop important organizational skills.

Types of Labels

Your playroom can accommodate a variety of label types, including:

  • Vinyl-cut labels

  • Metal label holders

  • Card stock labels

  • Picture labels suitable for younger kids

Choose the types that suit your storage solutions and your child’s age and literacy level.

Benefits of Labeling

Labeling simplifies clean-up and serves as a lesson in organization for children. It helps them understand where items belong, making it easier for them to keep their playroom tidy. Plus, it gives them a sense of responsibility and ownership over their space.

Teach Kids About Organization and Cleanup

Imparting knowledge about organization and cleanup to kids is of utmost importance. It’s not just about keeping the playroom tidy. It’s about instilling good habits that will last a lifetime. Plus, when kids are involved in maintaining their play space, they are more likely to take care of their toys and take pride in their playroom.

Cleanup Games

Cleanup need not be seen as a chore. In fact, it can be a fun game! Try a cleanup race, where the child who picks up the most toys wins, or a cleanup scavenger hunt, where kids have to find and put away certain toys. These games make cleanup fun and engaging, which encourages kids to participate.

Establishing a Cleaning Routine

A cleaning routine can foster good habits in kids and maintain the tidiness of the playroom. Set specific times for cleaning, like before dinner or bedtime, and stick to this routine regularly.

Not only will this keep the playroom clean, but it will also make cleanup less overwhelming for kids.

Customize Storage Solutions for Unique Toys

Finally, special attention should be given to unique toys, such as board games, LEGO sets, and toy cars! These toys often require specialized storage solutions to keep them organized and easily accessible.

Board Game Storage

Storing bulky board games can be a challenge. But by storing them vertically, like books, you can prevent damage to the boxes and make it easy to pull out the game you want to play. No more toppling towers of board games!

LEGO Storage Systems

The size and quantity of LEGO bricks make them difficult to store. Specialized LEGO storage systems, such as IKEA’s TROFAST system, can keep your bricks organized and accessible.

Whether your child likes to sort their bricks by color, size, or set, there’s a LEGO storage solution that can fit your needs.

Toy Car Storage

Specialized toy storage can also benefit unique toys such as Hot Wheels and other toy cars. Wall-mounted tracks or hanging organizers can keep cars organized and off the floor, making playtime more enjoyable and cleanup a breeze.

Parents, take a deep breath! Organizing your child’s playroom doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. By decluttering and prioritizing toys, maximizing vertical storage, creating play zones, utilizing multi-functional furniture, labeling everything, teaching kids about organization and cleanup, and customizing storage solutions for unique toys, you can create a playroom that is both organized and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start organizing my playroom?

Start organizing your playroom by evaluating the space, defining categories, taking everything out and then separating it into quadrants. Finally, purchase the right furniture, install it and put everything in its new home. Ensure the toys are accessible to the correct kids.

How do I keep my playroom clean?

Encourage your child to participate in regular clean-up sessions, keep the floor and walls clear of clutter, store toys away in bins and cabinets when not in use, rotate toys for variety, look for space-saving toys, and donate unused toys. Taking a few easy steps will help make sure your playroom stays organized and tidy!

How can I make my playroom more fun?

Brighten your playroom with bold colors, add chalkboards and fun wall decals, create storage solutions with toy cubbies and decorative shelves, invest in affordable cabinets and flooring, and don't forget to include some indoor swings for the ultimate fun experience.

What are some unique ways to store LEGO bricks?

Organizing your LEGO bricks with a specialized storage system like IKEA's TROFAST can make playtime more fun and efficient by organizing them based on color, size, or set.

How can I use my wall space for toy storage?

Maximize your wall space for toy storage with wall shelves, pegboards, and hanging organizers - keep toys and supplies organized and off the floor!

If you are a busy mom and dont even know where to start, that is what we are here for! Contact OBK to get started!

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Keli Jakel

Having walked through many challenging transitions herself, Keli knows well the value of being able to find order in a season that feels chaotic. With a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Keli spent her early years working in the field of education. It was her passion for serving others and her ability to see patterns where others can’t that inspired her to launch Organized by Keli & Co. Since then, she’s dedicated her career to helping people reach their potential in spaces they love.

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