What should I expect from a professional home organizer?

A good organizer starts with your vision and creates order that is meaningful and effective for the lifestyle you live.  They are non-judgmental and want to create systems that integrate with your life and schedule. A good professional organizer will ask the right questions and pay attention to every detail. And, of course, a good organizing company is bonded and insured, discreet and confidential. 

Do you move out of state?

Our moving services offer a single truck move so that your items are loaded and directly transported to your destination with our team. They will unload at the destination and we can work with local organizers to unpack and organize or some clients prefer to have our team travel and complete the project. Call for a consult and let's discuss options.

How many professional organizers will my project need?

For clients looking for a transformation of their space in less time we offer a professional organizing team of 2-8 organizers. We offer individual one-on-one services for clients looking to downsize over a period of time. The ideal number for your home can be determined on the consult and truly depends on timeline and preferences. One-on-one “do it with me” services are usually scheduled for 3-4 hour sessions while the team “done-for-you” packages are typically scheduled between 9AM-3PM Monday-Friday. There are exceptions of course. Unpacking services are typically longer days and more organizers on site so that we can unpack, organize and settle you into the new home as quickly as possible.

How long does home organizing take?

Naturally, each home or office organizing project is different. Do you want help with one room or the whole home? A whole home unpack is typically complete in 3-5 days whereas a kitchen organization project is typically completed in one or two sessions. It depends on variables such as decluttering, how much remains in the space, and the level of detail required to meet the vision. Organizing an office without paper organizing could be anywhere between 6-12 hours but with paper organizing plan for 12-48+. The best plan is to schedule an online consult to determine a range of hours recommended for your unique project.

What qualifications does your organizing team have?

Organized by Keli & Co is a member of National Association of Productivity and Organizing and holds certifications Residential Organizing, Workplace Productivity and Life Transitions. We are also part of the NAPO Colorado chapter which enables us to network with other professional organizers in Denver Co. Our team is background checked, insured and bonded. Together we have over 10,000 hours of experience. We have over one-hundred 5-star reviews.

How much time should I plan to spend with my home organizer?

We pride ourselves on making this easy for you. Your lead organizer will need to set goals and understand your priorities as well as consult with you about what is working and what isn't. They may need you for some decisions if there are items to declutter. Sometimes, however, we can organize while the home owner is off site. Really it depends on your availability and priorities. Our clutterless home solutions free you up to spend your time and energy on what matters most to you.

What locations does Organized by Keli & Co service?

We are proud to offer home organizing services in the Denver metro area. If you live in the state of Colorado but more than 30 miles from dowtntown, travel fees apply. Organizing services in Denver, Co: Greenwood Village, Cherry Creek, Wash Park, HiLo, LoDo, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, and Cherry Hills Village. Professional Organizing Services in Boulder Co: Superior, Niwot, Mapleton Hill, Table Mesa, Arvada, and everything in between. Professional Organizer Front Range: Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, and beyond. We travel to locations outside of the Denver, Colorado metro area as well. Just ask!

What makes Organized by Keli & Co different?

We take pride in meeting clients where they are and creating customized home organization systems. We offer luxury services free of judgment and with sincere care for the well-being of our clients while minimizing stress in their lives. We are an organizing company on a mission to use our s passion to help you create time to pursue yours. While we are based in Denver, Colorado we can move and organize just about anything anywhere.

Are home organizing services confidential?

Our home organizing services are discreet and confidential. We value confidentiality. At Organized by Keli & Co we do not post still "before" pictures on social media as we feel that the relationship and trust with the client is more important than the post on our website. We do, however, post "after" pictures unless clients prefer to remain discreet and confidential. Just state your preferences and we will take it from there. We offer NDA's by request.

Do I have to become a minimalist to be organized?

People often worry that a home organizer will force them to become a minimalist. Not at Keli & Co. Being organized is not about getting rid of everything. It's about living your best life, free of clutter and the stress that comes with it. It is about efficiency, stress reduction, saving time and money, and improving your quality of life. The whole idea is to be surrounded by items that you love and love your surroundings. No judgment here- we just want to help you create systems and inspiration that makes your every day life better and brings you joy in every room.

What home organization services does your company offer?

• Unpacking • Downsizing • Styling • Inventories • Personal Shopping • Holiday Decor • Move Management • Pre-Packing • Office Organizing • Installation • Space Planning • Donation Management • Organizing •Decluttering• Custom Labeling • Think of us as your personal assistant for all things related to home organization in Denver. Managing your energy is important and by outsourcing home organization you can save your energy for whats truly important to you. We love helping clients so if you have something in mind, just ask!

What is donation management?

Our professional organizers will take one carload of donations after each session for no additional cost. It is part of our full service packaging. If you have a larger quantity to be donated we work with a local service to pick up donations and parse them out to the various donation centers in an effort to reduce waste and keep items out of landfills. Note that this service incurs additional fees. Keli & Co does not sell items for clients but can offer consulting on various options if needed.

Can you unpack my new Denver home?

If you are moving to a new home in the Denver area there is no need to feel overwhelmed or even touch a single box. Our team of professional organizers will unpack everything including the kitchen, pantry, kids rooms, closets and even the garage. Imagine coming to a new home and never having to unpack a box, search for anything or decide where it belongs. Your new home can be free from clutter and everything in its place. Our home organizers can free you up to enjoy your new home .

How much do home organization services cost?

There are many variables that play into the cost of hiring a professional organizing service. The location, size of the space to be organized, the quantity of items to be organized in the space, the level of detail required are a few of the variables involved. Additionally there is your timeline and the decision to go with a team or an individual organizer. To give a general idea, a professional organizer in the Denver metro area price range is typically $75-$125 per hour for a reputable, experienced home organizing service. Think of getting organized as an investment in your daily life. It is a way to save money, reduce stress and clutter, and create the life you want to live. Schedule a consult to get an estimate for your space.

What about buying containers and bins?

We can use what you already have or complete the shopping to optimize the space and make it Pinterest perfect. It just depends on what look you prefer and what you already have in your home. Our larger packages include shopping services and they can be added on to the smaller packages as well. When providing home organizing services in Denver, Co we typically shop at The Container Store. For areas outside of the Denver, Co area we can shop in advance or online and have items deliver before we begin. The great thing is that we already know what is available and how to optimize the space and make it look beautiful too. We work with your budget to meet your vision and expectations.

What area of the home do most people call for?

Usually clients contact us for an initial organization consultation for their kitchen, primary closet or storage area. Many call for the garage in the spring and fall. Home offices have become popular too! Often we start with one room and clients are so happy with the results that we end up tidying the entire home. Around the holidays we offer holiday decor assistance as well. The best way to think of it is what organization project has you feeling overwhelmed? That is exactly the room or space to call about and we can set priorities and goals accordingly.

Where do you start with a home organizing project?

We start by asking questions and creating a shared vision for the space. Once we understand the intended use and the level of detail desired, we sort and categorize all items in the space and then consult with the owner to remove unwanted items from the room or space. The next step in the project is to plan the space in a way that will save time and help the client and their family stay organized. Our clutterless home solutions will keep you from feeling overwhelmed or wasting time. Some clients want us to start with the kitchen, office or closets. There isn't a right or wrong answer here EXCEPT that we always recommend saving organizing papers and memorabilia for the very last step when the "decluttering muscle" is the strongest. During the initial consultation is a great time to share your priorities and determine the best starting place.

Do home organizers clean?

While there are cleaning services in the Denver area that offer organizing services, they do not have the same tools, training and processes that have. Our team expertise and experience create systems that help you stay organized and reduce stress. We recommend choosing the right professional service for your project. Just like you wouldn’t necessarily want to go to the carwash for a transmission check. Of course, our team will dust any shelves and be sure to wipe out drawers or vacuum the closet as part of the services. However, to have your house cleaned we recommend contacting cleaning businesses directly.

What steps does your team follow to create home organization?

Our team uses the SPACE model from Julie Morgenstern to organize nearly any room, closet, office, garage or the whole house! The SPACE model works to organize nearly any space. The acronym stands for Sort, Purge, Assign a home, Containerize and Equalize. Our team begins with the sorting and categorizing the items. Then the owner or decision-maker for those items is brought in for a quick consult to determine which items will be discarded and which will remain in the space. From there, the team will plan and organize the space in a way that it customized and optimized for you. If containers and product are needed, the team can complete the shopping and and containerize the items complete with labels. And then the fun part... a reveal of a beautifully organized space for you to enjoy.

What do I need to do before the home organizer arrives at my house?

You know how you "clean" before the cleaning team arrives? It is best to NOT organize before the organizing team arrives. It is best if the team can see your room or space in it's natural state so that they can intuit what systems are working make decisions from there. We do, however, recommend having dishes and laundry done as well as any regular bulk shopping (Costco lol) before our team arrives. So actually no need to feel overwhelmed or stress about the clutter, just trust the process!

What are the benefits of hiring Organized by Keli & Co?

We offer full service organizing, which means we take care of all the details with minimal time or energy from you. We make the decision process as easy and quick as possible so that our clients can focus on other things. We know exactly what products to source and how to optimize each area so that you can live your best life with time and energy for the things that matter most to you. Our teams are trained and passionate about making a difference. Our moving specialists have worked with us for a long time and we have systems in place to reduce fatigue and make moving easy. We have a great attitude and lot of fun too! Schedule a virtual consult and learn what we can do for you!

Keli & Co provides move management and professional home organizing services in Denver, Co.